The Do's and Don'ts Of Hair Grooming

The Do's and Don'ts Of Hair Grooming

Don't Tie Wet Hair

So you just stepped out of the shower and don’t really feel like drying it on the spot?  But then, frizz comes knocking at your door, settling in and your hair is starting to look bad. The instant this happens, a lot of us prefer to do an updo and hide from the world that we are, in fact, having a bad hair day.​But did you know? Tying up wet hair is one habit that leads to hair fall? It’s because hair is the most vulnerable to damage when wet. So, how to control hair fall then? The answer is to simply not tie your hair. Let your hair breathe and give it a chance to air-dry itself.​


Go Easy On Styling Tools

Who doesn’t enjoy styling her hair every now and then? But a lot of us avoid acknowledging that it is one of the top hair fall reasons. Now, we’re not asking you to cut it out of your life entirely, so if styling is an essential part of your daily prep, consider a protective oil like our Hair Growth and Hydration Oil to keep your hair protected from styling damage.


Give Your Hair A Spa Day!

To a lot of us, hair spas sound like a luxury we can do without. But this could not be farther from the truth. When the question ‘how to control hair fall?’ is asked, most answers do include hair spas. It’s true that shampoos and conditioners that are compatible with your hair will cleanse your hair, but spa treatments give your hair and roots the necessary nutrition and can even rescue you from damaged hair and excessive hair fall.


Relax. let the stress from your mind and hair fall away with our Deluxe Pamper Box 

Skipping A Step Before Shampoo

If you struggle to wash your hair without having to deal with hugely tangled strands, you’ve come to the right place!

We know how it feels and believe us when we say that it’s not fun. We’ve always been told from a very young age to shampoo first then condition, or even worse… just shampoo. But little did we know that washing our hair with shampoo first get it all tangled up which leads to breakage and hair fall.

So we’ve had enough and today, the struggle ends. And it doesn’t involve building a lab in your kitchen to cook up the perfect hair recipe…

It’s important to always prime before shampoo to deliver the desired results.

Maybe that’s why there’s barely any solutions for this in the market. But don’t worry, Hair Loving is bringing you a new approach to hair washing that will give you perfect, detangle hair in the shower.

The next time you see a fallen hair strand, you know what to do now that we’ve got the basics covered. So don’t let hair call control your life ladies; with Hair Loving’s anti-hair fall collection.