Money Back Promise

Achieving desired results from Hair Loving products requires a small amount of effort on your part as it does on ours.

We don't promise overnight results. It takes time for the natural botanicals to work themselves into your hair plus we're all different and unique!

Some customers see results in 2 weeks, others may take several months, however we are confident you will see improvements in your hair if you use the products correctly for a least 90 days.

In the rare event that you don't see any results, please follow these steps to validate and claim your money back for the products you purchased.

Step 1: Always take a before picture before you start using the products so that you can have something to compare your progress to.

Make sure you email your before picture to within 3 days of receiving your products - without this, your money back claim will be invalid as we want to avoid a small number of people who abuse this promise.

Step 2: Follow our FAQs here on how to use the products correctly and to get the most benefit.

Follow the process for a minimum of 90 days.
Remember it's not necessarily a fast results process for everyone. We use only natural ingredients so you have to be patient to give the products time to work. 

Step 3After 90 days of using our products, if you don't see any improvements in your hair then take another picture and email it to making sure the lighting is similar to your before picture. 

how to claim