So What Is Pre Poo, Who’s It For And What..

So What Is Pre Poo, Who’s It For And What..



Pre poo, who is it for and how it benefits your hair!

If you have not yet heard of pre-pooing, you will be astonished by its benefits and may experience a little FOMO after reading this!

Pre-poo benefits include conditioning and protecting your hair, resulting in softer, smoother, and shinier hair.

A pre-poo is a treatment that you undertake before shampooing. It’s easy to add to your hair-care routine.

Moisturise Dry, Brittle Hair

Adding moisture back into the hair is one pre-poo benefit, especially if you are experiencing very dry, brittle, and damaged hair or if it easily breaks when you brush it.

Secondly, it prevents your hair from getting overly cleansed during shampooing.

Hydrating products are commonly used to pre-poo. By allowing the pre-poo treatment to set on your locks or beard before shampooing, moisture will be added before the wash process, whilst protecting strands from being stripped of their natural oils.


What Do You Use to Pre-Poo Your Hair?

We recommend choosing a the best pre-poo product for your hair and life stage.

Choose either a natural oil that contains avocado oil or castor oil, alternatively opt for a deep conditioner.

The best action to take is to test a few products to see what works best for your hair. Afterall, all hair is different.

Always choose natural products that penetrate the hair – that’s why we love oils.


Natural Hair Growth and Hydration Oil

Whilst our Hair Growth and Hydration oil is often used as a hair finishing product to smooth the ends and ease frizz, we highly recommend it for a pre-poo overnight treatment We recommend you apply it for 6-12 hours before your wash once a week.


How To Choose The Best Pre-Poo For Your Hair Type

The pre-poo products you use depend on your hair.

Most natural oils work great on curly, dry, or coarse hair however thicker oils can weigh down hair.

For finer hair Jojoba oil and avocado oils work well as do sweet almonds and grapeseed in the correct ratios.


Achieve The Best Results

Hair Loving’s oils all contain the correct amount of oil within their formulas to provide the perfect consistency for all hair textures.

Founder and formulator, Nadia Hussain, of Hair Loving mission was to create a versatile hair oil with THREE benefits:

  • to achieve positive results – especially improved moisture in dry and weak hair
  • encourage hair regrowth by stimulating the hair follicles
  • frizz easing on thinning and dry menopausal hair.


Curly Hair Pre Poo-Is A Necessity!

For curly hair, pre poo treatments soften the hair to define curls and add much needed moisture back into the hair.

The Hair Loving Oils are a fave of LoveCurlyHairLauren who loves our Hair Growth and Hydration Oil

“Many curly folks swear by the pre-shampoo routine. Pre-shampooing is a step performed before shampooing. Pre-shampooing softens, conditions, and detangles the hair prior to shampooing. Preventing unnecessary roughness and damage during the shampooing process, especially if hair is super tangled.”


Lauren’s Simple Pre Poo Routine

  1. Use a conditioner or conditioning oil to pre-shampoo and apply it to dry hair.
  2. Divide your hair into sections and work the conditioner into your hair thoroughly, using your fingers to separate your curls and work the product in.
  3. Leave it on for at least 20 minutes and if your hair is super snarled, pop on a plastic cap or towel to help heat up your head, which will open up the cuticle of the hair strands and invite the conditioner to penetrate more deeply.

The final step may actually save you in the long run as it reduces time spent detangling and extra styling/defining.

Rinse off the oil, then wash and style as normal!

Do You Pre-Poo on Wet or Dry Hair?

Whether you pre-poo on wet or dry hair depends on the type of pre-poo treatment you choose.

Oils tend to work better on dry hair while conditioners work best on hair that is damp which helps to raise the cuticle, allowing the product to absorb more easily.

This is an especially helpful step if you have low porosity hair.


How Do You Pre-Poo Your Hair?

All pre-poo routines follow the same process, whether you use oil, creamier textured masks or moisture formulas.

Always apply onto the places your hair and scalp need it the most.

For finer and thinner hair, apply on the ends.

For thicker hair and drier sparse scalps focus on the scalp and try various quantities over time to see what best suits your hair type, thickness, and texture.

Overnight pre-poos are great too and If you place your pre-poo hair in a hair towel wrap whilst you sleep you’re sure to get cosier sleep too!


How Long Should You Pre-Poo Your Hair?

Leave your pre-poo treatment on for at least 30 minutes and 6-12 hours for a more intense, max moisture-packed, hydrating overnight treatment.


How To Pre-Poo Thin Hair?

If you have finer textured hair, then avoid using pre-poo treatments on your scalp. Instead, concentrate on applying mid-lengths to ends.

When thicker oils like pure castor and pre-poo are applied on the scalp it runs the risk of not being able to be washed out easily which is why Hair Loving has formulated oils that are suitable for any hair type.

Hair Loving recommends using the oils on the scalp pre-shampoo even on finer, thin hair as its formulated with a blend of thinner oils such as sweet almond, vitamin E, and grapeseed oils to eliminate stickiness.

Pre-poo using oils is a good option for people with finer hair as hair masks and creams pre or post-shampoo (leave-in conditioners) can be too heavy and thick for this hair type.


How To Pre-Poo Thick Hair

Always pre-poo and condition after shampooing as these balances out the PH in the hair after the shampoo cleanses the hair.

Hair Loving offers a Deluxe Hair Growth Experience which is a nourishing pre-poo four-step hair care routine perfect for luxury haircare lovers.


We also recommended the Deluxe Hair Growth Experience Pamper Box to promote hair growth on the scalp and it even works for men's beards!

These four steps help promote rapid hair healing power including re-growth and thickness.