Benefits Of Avocado Oil

Benefits Of Avocado Oil

nAvocado, the “It-girl” of the fruit and veg world.  If you want irresistible shine and maximal protection from split ends and breakage this is the one for you!  One of the only oils that can penetrate the actual hair cuticles and shaft, avocado oil is dense in oleic acid, monounsaturated fat, vitamin E and 

All vital for hair health.  Relatively light compared to others this hair oil can be used anywhere on the hair strand including the roots. Its ability to absorb into the scalp means that it won’t leave an unsightly layer of grease so can be used on a regular basis. Continued use can build strength protecting the hair from everyday environmental pollution build-up.

Reducing Dandruff

A flaky scalp can cause itching, can be very uncomfortable and let’s face it dandruff unsightly.  Psoriasis and a flaky scalp can be effectively tackled with avocado oil.


Detangles knotty hair – Avocado oil has great slip and can be used as a conditioner.

 Prevents breakage of brittle ends

Is thin so rapidly absorbs into the skin

Growth as it contains vitamin D which regenerate new follicles on your scalp.  

UV protection from vitamin E


With Avocado oil as one of its hero ingredients Hair Loving’s {Hair Hydration oil} 

is available on its own or in the [combo package] which includes the microfibre towel wrap.