Our Story

Hair Loving’s founder Nadia Hussain first developed the concept for Hair Loving during her ten years as a professional hairstylist.

Nadia regularly found herself being asked by clients how they could prevent dandruff, increase hair growth, and reduce hair loss.


Simple, Safe, Solutions

Wanting to meet these needs and deliver clean and simple solutions to everyday hair problems, she developed a hair oil for hydration and hair growth using botanical ingredients and began selling them from home.

Once she sold her first 100 units, Nadia quickly realised there was indeed a place on the market for her hair oil and decided to launch more widely just as the pandemic was emerging.

Perseverance Pays!

Despite it being such an unstable time globally – especially for new businesses – she persevered and has since launched two new oils, one for postpartum hair loss: ‘New Beginnings Hair Oil’, and the other for menopause support: ‘Natural Life Hair Oil’.

Supporting Female Health & Well-Being

As a woman and mother herself, her company’s message is about improving and supporting female health although the more versatile original Hair Hydration and Growth oil aim at male, female and child health and wellbeing, the eco-friendly and sustainable vibe, and the fact that they have products that target different life stages.

Nadia has won the title of "Most Passionate Haircare Brand Founder" in the Influential Business Woman Awards 2023.