Sourcing Credentials

Formulated, blended and bottled in the UK. Hair Loving wholeheartedly believes in the ethos of responsible sourcing by sourcing ingredients from suppliers who have a positive impact on people and the environment. This ensures we only work with those who abide by farmers fair rates of pay, are anti child labour and Hair Loving will always abide by Anti bribery acts as we have a social and corporate responsibility.

Our Patchouli, Jojoba and Geranium Rose is sourced from a privately owned farm in the Eastern Region of Rwanda in the Kayonza District, the agricultural hub of Rwanda.



After 2 decades of war and genocide, the Rwanda government set up initiatives to help women to get materials and tools to build a livelihood. This has been a lifeline for these women who work in the farms where our essential oils are cultivated and distilled. The oils grow very well in this region and are of a high quality. They are now traded globally after 3 years of learning and cultivating.


Many women work on these crops and are given a reliable and constant salary that they can use to send their children to school and be educated. We love the impact responsible sourcing has on our farmers and their workers as well how these ingredients help you in your homes to benefit your hair.