So what is Hair Slugging and does it help hair growth?

So what is Hair Slugging and does it help hair growth?

Hair slugging is a beauty trend gaining speedy popularity, involving applying a generous amount of hair care products, such as oils, serums or mask to damp hair before bedtime.  This method creates a slug or coating over the hair and scalp, promoting deep hydration and amazing nourishment overnight.  The next morning, the excess product is washed off, leaving hair smoother an more manageable. Hair slugging is a current trend due to its simplicity yet it goes back centuries when women, men and children in the South Asian and middle eastern cultures would ritualistically sit on the floor and have their maids, mothers and barbers give them a "teyl malish," or head massage with a palm full of natural hair oils. Whilst this produces an extremely relaxing feeling, benefits also include follicle stimulation, detangled, less knotty hair, healthy hair growth from the roots as well as softer, shinier hair that brushes through more easily.  


Hair slugging is generally suitable for ANY hair type, as it helps enhance and define curls while providing hydration to those with dry or straight lengths and any types and hair of people of different ethnicities. However, it can also benefit all hair types within each ethnicity, by promoting moisture retention and hair growth stimulation. 

HOW TO HAIR SLUG - Slug with the Hair Loving 4 step routine

Step 1 Use the Hair Loving Anti Static Wide tooth Comb to detangle the hair from scalp to ends in order to prep it for the slugging.








Step 2 Gently roll the dermaroller over patchy areas of the head in the direction of hair growth 10 times in each location/patch.









Step 3 Apply the hair oil generously from roots and mid lengths to ends, ensuring you are using an effleurage stroking method from temples backwards towards the nape of the neck.




Step 4 Shampoo and Condition the hair as usual and soak up excess water in a Hair Towel Wrap.

All the above steps can be carried out by simply using the Hair Loving 4 step hair repair routine.  The kit comes in the 3 different options for 3 different stages of life, postpartum, menopause and of course the all stages of life. Pick a stage and Hair Loving have an oil for it, blended with essential oils to help with the symptoms of those stages of life.