Pre-Party Hair Care Tips for the Festive Season

Pre-Party Hair Care Tips for the Festive Season

Feel and see the magic of natural hair oils

‘Tis the season for Hair Loving and we've got some top pro tips to prep and keep your hair in prime condition for all those upcoming parties. Our natural haircare system has been bottling its secrets for some time now but, hey, now we're going to spill the beans on how to supercharge your strands – not just for an incredible party look, but all year round!

Hydration is the word. It’s beneficial for all hair types, whether fine and straight, thick and wavy or anywhere in between. Our lush botanical hair oil brand has been expertly formulated to nourish and condition, while also enhancing texture and infusing your hair with moisture and goodness that’s been lost, often due to the use of heat-styling products and chemicals. Better still, you can save money by carrying out a deep conditioning treatment in your own home rather than travelling to a salon, and it won’t take up too much of your time.


Decorate your strands with Hair Loving

The fact is, our perfect blend of uniquely beneficial plant-based oils is simply fabulous for air-drying your hair. With ingredients such as avocado oil to promote shine and aid growth, strength and thickness, plus castor oil and vitamin E oils to stimulate hair follicles (not to mention the oil’s fresh, herbaceous scents of avocado, ginger and jasmine), Hair Loving oils are a staple for any party season hair kit.

Whether your goal is to combat brittleness or to boost your hair’s natural texture, pamper yourself or a loved one this year with our Festive Hair Pamper Gift Box and follow these top tips and tricks for making hair oil your number one party hit.


Comb through hair in the shower

Avoid combing your hair immediately after getting out of the shower. Instead, detangle your locks whilst combing through conditioner using our Anti-static Wide Tooth Detangling Comb and then rinse. After using a soft towel to get rid of excess water, your wet hair is ready for our Hair Growth and Hydration Oil.


Start at the ends

When treating those annoying split ends, we recommend starting the oil application at the tips of your hair because they are typically the driest and most absorbent. Work the oil up through the mid-lengths of your locks for gentle smoothing, adding little to no oil to the roots. Always start with less oil (one or two pumps at first) and add more if necessary. Don't forget that it’s easy to use too much oil, requiring you to apply even more shampoo. This in turn can deplete your hair of its natural oils resulting in dull, damaged, and dry hair.



To add more definition, scrunch the oil into the hair or wrap it around individual curlers. Apply a little more oil to your hands and massage it through your hair halfway through drying. This will prevent any volume loss and reduce the frizz that can result from diffusing. Finally, after the hair has dried, add one more drop of oil to the top layer of curls and twist a few of them for more precision.


Smooth and protect

Once it is dried, the next step is to smooth your hair by adding a drop of oil to the palms of your hands, then applying it to your ends and any flyaways that have resulted from the drying process.


Reset daily

For a subtle reshaping of second-day hair, we advise carrying a light mist spray bottle. Then, reshape, de-frizz and define your natural texture with a drop or two of styling oil applied to your palms.


Hair wrap

Make that blow-dry go the distance by wrapping your freshly styled hair in a Luxury Hair Towel Wrap. This is an excellent way to protect against the drying effects of contact with abrasive textiles like cotton pillows, which can cause your hair to become frizzy and brittle. As an added bonus, while you wear your hair wrap the natural oils produced by your scalp will be distributed, keeping it nourished and supple without causing grease to build up at the scalp.

Our two favourite techniques prior to applying a hair wrap include gently twisting your hair into a loose bun at the crown of your head to add volume, or braiding your hair in sections to create loose mermaid waves. Remember that correctly blow-drying and styling freshly washed hair will save you a great deal of time and effort with re-dos.

You now have fabulous-looking hair for up to five days. Put Hair Loving's vegan natural oils to work for you on days 6 and 7 by creating a sleek bun for a glam and 'cool chick' vibe which is super easy on your hair.


All I want for Christmas is some new styling tools

Make an inventory of your styling tools. Even though the holiday celebrations have already begun, there are still enough Christmas sales going on to enable you to replace any outdated tools with new ones. If your flat iron's plates are chipped or your blow dryer's comb attachment is missing teeth – toss them out! Both of these things might cause damage to the hair.


Jolly holly-days to get a hair trim

Nothing is worse than having your holiday-season hairstyle ruined by split ends, so don’t forget to make an appointment with a hairdresser to have your hair cut or trimmed. By coating your freshly-trimmed strands with a Hair Loving oil, which offers a protective layer to your hair, you can maintain healthy hair ends all season long – dead ends are one thing you shouldn't bring into the new year!

We want you to enjoy the festive season, but remember that blow-drying, hot tools and excessive styling chemicals cause stress and damage to your hair, especially when done repeatedly. So cut out all that excess styling and treat yourself to a Hair Loving kind of party!