Is Oiling Good for a Beard?

Is Oiling Good for a Beard?

Beards have always been viewed as a sign of manliness and maturity; and whatever the current fashion trend is regarding facial hair, beards of all shapes and sizes are here to stay.

These magnificent whiskers just seem to 'grow on’ you dont you agree?

However, others say they're a little like marmite; you love em or hate em!

Male or female, if you're a fan, perhaps you can't get enough of the 'Verdi' (a rounded three to four-inch beard with a handlebar moustache), or perhaps you prefer the 'Van Dyke' (a modern pointy moustache and goatee). Then again you love the freedom of the "beardstache" (a full moustache with a little stubble). 

Contemporary bearded Brits include actor, screenwriter and producer Tom Hardy, professional football player David Beckham, and rapper, singer and songwriter Stormzy.

They are all rocking different types of beards and keeping them in good shape, too.

Their ability to maintain their facial hair and general well-groomed appearance can be largely attributed to age, hormones, genetics and their overall good health.

However, you can be sure that they are following an appropriate 'beardscaping' routine and taking full advantage of high-quality oils such as Hair Loving’s Hair Conditioning & Support Rescue Bundles for both their hair and beards.


How can oiling your beard help to maintain it?

Men of all ages can use oil daily on their beards to moisturise, where it will hydrate and nourish the skin beneath, lessen facial hair dandruff, and reduce the incidence of split ends or tame flyaways and beard hair that is hard to manage, especially as it gets longer. It can also prevent potential patchiness when beard hair falls out.

In particular, an all-in-one hair repair oil and serum such as Hair Growth & Hydration Oil will smooth and add shine to both hair and beards. Enriched with jasmine, ginger and avocado, the oil relieves any itching caused by flaky dry skin whilst at the same time promoting a healthier, softer, thicker and fuller beard. 

Another potential benefit of oiling is that it can help protect against folliculitis, where hair follicles become inflamed as a result of bacterial or fungal infection. Meanwhile don’t forget that regular use of a high-quality oil will keep your beard clean and fresh and smelling wonderful. Hair Loving's essential oils are also light on your beard – they won’t weigh it down at all. 

How to oil your beard correctly

  • First of all, wash your face or take a hot shower before applying the oil, then dry your beard thoroughly with a towel until it is damp but not wet.
  • Apply two or three drops of beard oil to your palm, then rub your hands together to distribute the oil throughout your fingers and palms. (Start with a tiny amount of oil to avoid your beard becoming overly greasy; you can always add more later if necessary).
  • Massage the facial hair on each of your cheeks, rubbing in the oil gently with your hands and fingers.
  • Now, run your hands down the front of your face in a downward motion You want to cover your entire moustache with your palms and carry on all the way down to your chin. Then repeat.
  • To distribute the oil throughout your beard evenly, comb it against the direction that your hair is growing with an Anti-Static Wide Tooth Detangling Comb, and then afterwards comb it back into place. 

Begin by oiling your beard every other day but, if you live or work in a particularly dry environment and see that your beard needs additional moisturising, oil more often. On the other hand, if you notice your beard is feeling greasy, oil it less.


How often should you wash and maintain your beard?

Strictly speaking, guys should aim to wash their beards at least 2-3 times per week using a gentle beard wash or shampoo. They should avoid overzealous scrubbing which can lead to itching and irritation, and only wash their beards more frequently if they have oily skin. It always helps to choose products that are particularly suited to the type of skin you have.

What is the best beard care routine?

Frequent washing and the accumulation of hard water minerals from regular showering can cause a host of issues if the skin's natural barrier is not restored by oiling, whether that’s your facial hair or the hair on your head. So, apart from oiling your beard to stop it from feeling rough and prickly, you should also trim it regularly. This means about every four weeks if you’re trying to grow it out or every 7 to 10 days if you want to maintain the length. Regular trimming will maintain your beard’s shape and length and stay on top of split ends, keeping your beard healthy-looking.

All in all, for those who want to keep their beards looking great, Hair Loving oil is an absolute go-to natural grooming product. It works wonders for your hair and facial hair owing to its proven capacity to deliver natural hair repair and growth, and it offers a reliable solution to any beard itch issues you might be experiencing.

Incorporate beard oiling into your grooming regime, and you are sure to notice a huge difference in how your beard looks and feels almost immediately!