How the LOC method can be your new Afro hair-care routine!

How the LOC method can be your new Afro hair-care routine!

Afro hair, along with other POC hair types, require a unique set of hair-care steps due to the nature of it's porosity, coarseness and thickness. It is more prone to breakage, damage, and injury. More than 50% of women with these hair types suffer hair loss and hair thinning as their top hair concern; regardless of whether it is postpartum, menopausal or anything other time!

So, what is the LOC method and why should you use it?

LOC, an acronym for Liquid Oil Cream, describes the order of product application. The liquid can be water alone, a hair mist or leave-in conditioner, followed by an oil to lock-in that moisture, and finally a curl cream to close the hair cuticle.


How do you do the LOC method?

Step 1: Liquid

For this method to work, always start with damp hair. You can start this method straight out the shower with freshly washed hair, and that will count as your liquid layer, or if you're refreshing between washes, just be sure to dampen your hair again with water, a hair mist or leave-in conditioner. We would recommend also taking the time to section your curls at this point to aid with styling later. You may find that if your hair is highly porous, you may need to introduce a lot of moisture to begin with.

If you are using a product during the liquid step, ensure that you take the time to comb through the product evenly. Our detangling comb is perfect for this step!


Step 2: Oil

Now it's time for our favourite step, the oil! Creating a seal, the oil will lock in all the moisture you've just spent time applying. You really don't need very much, a lot goes a long way. Different oils work magic in different ways. Here at Hair Loving, we have spent the time formulating the right balance of oils to suit and meet a variety of needs, so you don't have to!
We would recommend our Hair Growth and Hydration Oil as it has a unique blend of oils, three of which meet differing levels of hair porosity - we've got you covered!
Three of the ingredients are:
Castor oil - great for HIGH porosity
Grapeseed oil - great for NORMAL porosity
Avocado oil - great for LOW porosity.


Step 3: Cream

Now you're ready for the final step - cream! Waiting until the end to add this will help to close the cuticles, aiding the oil to seal in the moisture. The oil will also help the hair to absorb just the right amount of cream!

We would HIGHLY recommend letting your hair air dry at this stage. If you would like to dry your hair off a little, you can either use a hair dryer up until your hair is about 75% dry, or you can use our Towel Wrap to absorb some of that excess moisture and lock in that goodness.


So, do you think you'll be introducing this method into your hair care routine?

We're passionate about helping people of all hair types, and really loved sharing this method to support our afro and curly haired friends!
We would recommend our Deluxe Hydration Box or Hydrating Rescue Kit to get you started on your journey!