Hair Lovings Miracle Hydrating Oil: Everything You Need To Know

Hair Lovings Miracle Hydrating Oil: Everything You Need To Know

By now you are probably already head over heels in love with the concentrated blend of ingredients in Hair Lovings hydrating hair oil and if you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? With a combination of the purest and most effective natural ingredients available, the hydrating hair oil is the ultimate hair care elixir. Highly reviewed and recommended for the promotion of growth, protection against breakage and optimally silky smooth locks the fusion of ingredients means you don’t have to rely on multiple hair products to get quick, reliable results. 

If you needed any more persuasion to give this product a try here is a breakdown of each ingredient and how it can massively benefit your hair:

Avocado Oil:

The ‘It girl’ of the fruit and vegetable world, if you want irresistible shine and maximal protection from split ends and breakage this is an ingredient for you! One of the only oils that can penetrate the actual hair cuticle and shaft, avocado oil is dense in oleic acid, monounsaturated fats, vitamin E and D; all vital for optimal hair health. Relatively light compared to other oils, avocado oil can be used anywhere on the hair strand including at the roots. Its ability to absorb into the hair and scalp means it won’t leave an unsightly greasy layer on the hair so can be used on a regular basis.

Continued use can build strength protecting the hair from everyday environmental pollutants. 

Ginger Extract:

When you think of hair growth ginger isn’t necessarily the first ingredient that springs to mind, however, its unique benefits should not be overlooked due to its amazing stimulating and healing qualities. An ingredient that has been widely used in Chinese medicine for centuries, ginger is able to increase circulation when on the scalp, which is essential for getting blood flow and nutrients to the follicles and encouraging hair growth. The invigorating ingredient also has antiseptic properties, therefore, playing a pivotal role in combating dandruff, a win-win situation all round!

Vitamin E:

The holy grail of skincare Vitamin E is also a vital component to maintain the total integrity of the hair. When applied topically, vitamin E is a one-way ticket to seriously nourished and hydrated locks. With its antioxidant abilities, it protects against everyday oxidative stress which can lead to damaged hair and like ginger plays a role in improving circulation on the scalp. For people with dry brittle or even frizzy hair, vitamin E is essential to restore the protective fat layer across the lengths of each strand which is often lost through heat-styled hair. This will not only produce a barrier against further damage but will significantly improve shine by locking in lost moisture. 


Almond Oil:

High in protein, fatty acids and antioxidants, Almond Oil is just one of three oils found in Hair Lovings Hydrating oil. Regular use has been reported to soften the hair, acting as an emollient, to provide an overall softer texture without making hair lacklustre and limp. As a nut oil, it strengthens the entire length of the hair from root to tip and reduces friction when brushing or styling the hair adding to its overall resilience which we all know is vital for thick long and healthy hair that we all desire. 

Castor Oil:

Splashed on to eyebrows, eyelashes and scalps for years, there is no secret that castor oil is imperative for those of us that want Rapunzel length locks! A trusted and well-celebrated ingredient castor oil is a fatty acid abundant with powerful vitamins, fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants. Working together in harmony, these ingredients enhance the health and flexibility of hair follicles, reduces hair thinning and acts as a miracle element for fast hair growth.