Colourful Pixies – Dare to be Different

Colourful Pixies – Dare to be Different

Wow, check this out! Vibrant colours and fun, short, stylish haircuts are going to be all the rage throughout 2023. From close crops, tapered cuts and feminine bobs to spiky pixies and bixies, there will be endless supercool styles to give your locks a new lease of life! After all, wasn't it Coco Chanel who once said: “a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”?

Anyway, if you want to add some bright pops of colour, trim a few inches off your long tresses or just want to try something different with an already short crop, Hair Loving is confident that you're going to rock your new style all with the help of our Magical All-In-One Hair Repair Oil & Serum.

Yep, even short hair needs a good hydration boost now and then to keep it looking healthy, shiny and beautiful. But first, let's talk about the most exciting hair colour set to be à la mode these coming months, not forgetting the fabulous pixie hairstyles that are so-o-o sleek and sexy!

Viva Magenta

Pantone Colour Institute is recognised internationally as an authority on colour shades, so they know what they are talking about. The Institute has announced that 'Viva Magenta' will be their hot shade for the coming year. This eye-catching shade lies between pink and red (bloodline of the reds), enriched with a deeper hue which is is said to reflect today's modern culture. Described by Pantone as 'powerful and empowering', it may be taken to symbolise how our real lives are centred in a digital world. Viva Magenta works well with every hair type and all skin tones, making it the perfect colour to galvanise the rebels amongst us to become even more daring with our locks.

Let’s be clear, Viva Magenta is definitely not for the fainthearted, but if you are in the mood for an OTT look in 2023, this risqué shade can be the catalyst to pull off a stunning monochromatic makeover to match the colour of your hair! Just find yourselves a magenta-toned blush which you apply by blush draping (contouring with blush versus bronzer), along with an edgy magenta eyeshadow and matching volume curl mascara. Finally, choose a provocative magenta plumping lip gloss – and voilà!

How to rock a pixie cut

These super short and sassy hairstyles look great on thick, thin and afro-textured hair. The modern version of the pixie has length and volume which give the impression that the previous style has simply grown out naturally, or perhaps been given a new lease of life. Basically, there's a pixie style for everyone from shaggy, messy and wavy to curly ringlets, bangs, peaked and tapered pixies.

You might even like the hybrid bixie cut. A cross between a bob and a pixie, the bixie is similar to the iconic mullet hairstyle of the 70s and 80s (which is cut shorter at the front, top and sides, but longer at the back) or the popular female Joãozinhoa (a cut that keeps the top of the head covered in longer strands and the sides short). A bixie may give you the best of both worlds, being shorter than a bob but longer than a pixie.

Apart from requiring a trim every six weeks or so to maintain length, pixie cuts are generally practical, versatile and low maintenance. They can be extremely flattering for ladies with oval, round and heart face shapes whilst certain styles will emphasise cheekbones. Don’t tell everyone, but a pixie may also be used to camouflage thinning hair.

Ready to take the plunge? Here are four of our best hair care and styling tips for long bobs and pixie crops:

  • Between salon trips for your routine trim, pop in to see your hairstylist for a little 'Hair Dusting'. This is a method of trimming dead ends and split hairs which not only improves the overall appearance of your hair but will make it more manageable.
  • Use smaller amounts of hair oil and work it through your lengths and all the way to the very end of your hair. The amount of oil you use is important; remember that too much oil can weigh down short hair, leaving it looking flat and greasy. Not a good pixie look!
  • Add extra texture by using your fingers to rub a small amount of oil through your strands (damp or dry) for a slightly tousled look. Any flyaway hairs will be brought under control to make your hair look sleeker and – if you are feeling creative – you can also use the oil to help you create a chic defined pixie by applying it only to particular ends and pinching them together.
  • Nourish your hair using a deep conditioning oil to intensely hydrate and enhance shine. This is recommended for all hair types and especially colour-treated hair.

Experience the magic of Hair Loving oils

Whatever style you are favouring for 2023, we’re confident that our Bestsellers are a must-have when it comes to restoring, repairing and conditioning your hair, keeping it in good shape and giving it a healthy boost every now and again. They are specifically designed for everyday styling use and, with the proper application, you’ll find them to be an invaluable addition to your hair care collection.

Hair Loving's essential oils penetrate the cuticle to infuse each strand with all the goodness of nature. Enriched with vegan, cruelty-free, natural ingredients, valuable vitamins, antioxidants and ginger and castor oils, our products will stimulate hair follicles and aid growth, leading to more moisture and less damage. A few drops a day will effectively treat hair that is looking over-processed, dry and brittle, leaving you free to create the dazzling style of your choice.

You can change your whole attitude by changing your hairstyle and living your life in colour!